There are places in the world that don’t need any  words to tell a story but if I needed to find the words that are closest to my experience, traveling to India, I couldn’t agree more with what Mark Twain wrote about this incredible diverse country. “So far as I am able to judge, nothing has… Continue Reading

Hawaii Island

How easy it is, sometimes, to forget that Hawaii is part of the United States of America. As you all might know by now, I share a love for the USA. Making a trip to  Hawaii has for a long time been one of my goals, so plans to finally meet that goal were easily made since I now… Continue Reading


Explore. Dream. Discover.   New York is where I built the foundation for my time in the United States of America, this year 5 years ago. I still remember so clearly at age 5, I had a light pink, light yellow, light bleu-ish, white sweater that read “America” on it. And it was my favorite sweater,… Continue Reading


Thailand, "Land of the smile". A country occupied by its friendly inhabitants, exotic and tropical beaches, tasty food and ancient temples. Thailand invites.