Alberto “Shukra” Romani

How in touch are you with your inner-child? In this 1-minute video Alberto “Shukra” Romani, friend, artist and Osho-devotee shares his view on life and what it means to him to connect with his inner child. #simplewordscanheal               

South Africa

Every time I make a trip to South Africa for work, I instantly feel at peace. Whether I am on set, in nature, going on an adventure I just easily manage to open myself for inspiration and take in South Africa’s beauty in all its diverse forms.

Thai Quotes

A way for us humans to pass on wisdom, to challenge and trigger another person to think about their vision on life, to get inspired, motivated and express our deepest feelings about any subject that captures our attention. Words in a quote can be so powerful that it becomes of great value when making the effort to reach life goals or even when you are in the process of setting life goals.