Rodriguez Baguma Iragi

When I enter a clothing shop, whether it is to buy clothing, to see what it is that they have in store or ask for directions, the last thing I would expect is to leave the shop, not having bought 1 thing, with a feeling of contentment. I had to be in Cape Town’s busy Long Street with… Continue Reading

Paige Stewart

I was asking myself, if I heard it correctly when Paige told me she started practicing the art of ceramics only since the beginning of last year, as she showed me  some of her admiring clay-made creations. As my eyes fell on the beauty in all it’s simplicity, the bowls, cups, plant pots, sculptures, I felt inspired and… Continue Reading

Blane Charles

A day filled with  joy and laughter is how I recounter the day of filming and interviewing Blane for His sparkling and positive energy towards anyone (known or unknown) is contagious and that was enough reason, for me, to let him share his message to the world in a 1-minute video. Besides the passion of being a wardrobe and… Continue Reading

Pearl Veldwijk

For the interview that took place in New York, I shadowed Pearl,  Fashion Model, Casting Director/ Photo Producer and founder of Black Artemis Inc, for 1 day as she was casting male and female models for a well known brand. Following Pearl around was inspiring because she is that type of Casting Director who is a great… Continue Reading