About Anouschka

How do I honor my bliss everyday?

I’ll be very honest, some days I manage to honor my bliss more than others. Logically, because none of our days are exactly the same, I hope. I have noticed that whenever I look back on a  great,  good or fun day, that these days are usually days I don’t put any effort on controlling the outcome of  my day. Rather than finishing up an activity in high speed, just for the sake of doing it or finishing it, I then tend to flow from the one activity into the next. What’s funny is that I am more present too. And by being present I receive so much more goodness than what I was hoping for initially. In other words, by doing things with your full attention even if the attention span is 1 minute long or shorter, you will be able to get a glimpse of what truly matters in your life. And when you feel and experience what really matters, everything will fall into place and you will realize that nothing was ever random.

My way of tapping into my bliss/ passion and being able to fully enjoy it, starts with feeling at peace within  my own body. Residing in a healthy body in the first place is what makes me very grateful and happy, because without good health I would not have been able to get  out of my life what I am getting out of it today. And so, I do whatever I can to feel good from the inside. External factors have their influences,  so I choose to increase and be more receptive for the positive influences that work for me;  I practice Nichiren Buddhism, I meditate, I read, get strength out of good life quotes, I listen to  music, because simple words can heal. I travel as much as I can because it makes me thrive. As a Pescatarian I love preparing a good meal for family or friends, I model, I teach video editing, I really enjoy listening to people’s outlook on life, because inspiration exists.

HYBE.tv is where all my passions fall into place and I feel forever grateful and blessed, for anyone or anything that helped me arrive to the point where I am now. This is my way of expressing gratitude; by sharing it with every single one of you, I hope you will find yours…

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  1. Hey!

    Just wanted to drop you a line saying that I love your site design, your writing style, and the way that you’ve overlayed quotes on top of beautiful pictures. Very nice! ^_^

    Thank you for having us in your beautiful home this summer, it was a joy to meet you guys.

    Take care!


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