Carmen Artigas

For everything there is just the right time. I met Carmen Artigas, Sustainable Fashion Designer, years ago. Ever since then, I value her as a special friend, who I’ll  meet up with for a coffee or a lunch and I often wish we could spend more time together. Let me tell you, she is a well of great (spiritual) insights and information. The books she has read, insightful documentaries she has watched it will all be shared and it’s fun and energizing. It is fun and I am all ears because she does it with her natural charm,  it comes from a place of wisdom in a non- miss-know-it-all-way. I would say the perfect ingredients to become a teacher for many and  become a professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in NY.

At the FIT, Parsons The New School and the Pratt Institute is where she for many years taught her students about Sustainable Fashion also known as Eco Fashion. With more than 20 years of experience under her belt as fashion designer for companies like Donna Karan, Swatch, Kate Spade, just to name a few, she also serves as consultant to both startups and big clothing brands interested in improving their sourcing, manufacturing, and labor practices.

For years I’ve known the importance of being aware of the choices you make in your own life and for the world that surrounds us.  I have found a way to express myself, through making 1-minute videos, in what speaks to me  and become aware of. And I feel the timing of making a 1-minute video about Carmen’s speciality could’t have been any better than right now.


carmen-artigas-indigo-samples                        carmen-artigas-and-alexander-mcqueen-at-romeo-gigli                      carmen_artigas_selling_own_designs

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