Paige Stewart

I was asking myself, if I heard it correctly when Paige told me she started practicing the art of ceramics only since the beginning of last year, as she showed me  some of her admiring clay-made creations. As my eyes fell on the beauty in all it’s simplicity, the bowls, cups, plant pots, sculptures, I felt inspired and encouraged to  put action into a long dream of mine, learning the skills of ceramics and create my own beautiful ceramic cans.  But how would I make this happen and am I actually blessed with enough talent to use my hands  for this?

And then Paige  said; ” Do something that you love, everyday. Anything you love in time you will become a master of.”  Aha!

The encounter with Paige and what she said reminded me a lot of  a  book that I  really enjoyed reading  last summer, ” Outliers”  written by Malcolm Gladwell. The author writes that the story of success is not the one most of the people think it is, which usually is that most of the people  think its mere ambition and intelligence, that makes people successful. In this book Malcolm Gladwell alters the way we understand success and repeatedly writes about the 10.000 hours- rule; ” achieving world class expertise in any skill, is, to a large extent, a matter of practicing the correct way, for a total of around 10,000 hours.”

10.000 hours needed to expertise in any skill…?!  At first, to me, that seemed like a lot of hours . But then again….  I do believe that “practice makes perfect” and  “jong geleerd is oud gedaan” (dutch expression; taught when young, is done when adult, )  and that becomes easier especially if you love what you do…  When you do what you love, does time then  really matters or even exists?

We only had a couple of hours and in those hours we spoke about several mind pondering subjects in which I believe were  uplifting and illuminative. As I filmed her, she threw  a lump of clay on the wheel to create two other wonderful pieces of work, a vase and a plant pot in  less than 20 minutes. What an incredible set of skills!


Soil and Toil                Paige Stewart               Soil and Toil



  1. Hallo. Anouschka ,

    Dit zijn de keramiekstukken, die Pidi gemaakt heeft tijdens zijn 5 jarige keramiekopleiding in Aerendonk in Belgie. Hij was er heel goed in. Als ik jouw tekst goed begrijp, zou jij ook iets met keramiek willen gaan doen. Wanneer je dit serieus van plan bent, kun je wat materiaal van Pidi krijgen. Ik hoor het wel. Lieve groeten voor beiden. Jacken zoon van Pablo Joep zoon van Bionda,

    Lieve groeten van een trotse oma Elisabeth > > >

  2. Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPad

    > De vorige foto lukte niet goed, Groetjes, Elisabeth Ps de kast staat bij ons in de woonkamer > > >

    • Hi Elisabeth, wat ontzettend leuk uw reactie! Nu ik uw berichtje lees, begint het bij mij weer te dagen dat tijdens de laatste keer dat ik bij u op bezoek was, u iets zei over de door Pidi prachtig gemaakte keramiek stukken. Maar dan bel ik u daar gauw over! Heel veel liefs aan u en de twee boys, geniet lekker van hun gezelschap 🙂

  3. Anouschka, it’s so wonderful to read your words. They’re filled with joy and inspiration, and it’s like I can hear your voice ringing in my ears when I read them. Bravo, keep up the good work with HYBE!

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