Blane Charles

A day filled with  joy and laughter is how I recounter the day of filming and interviewing Blane for His sparkling and positive energy towards anyone (known or unknown) is contagious and that was enough reason, for me, to let him share his message to the world in a 1-minute video.

Besides the passion of being a wardrobe and interior consultant for his company BCDC (Blane Charles Design Consultant),  he also practices Nichirin Buddhism, like me :-), a life affirming philosophy of the  13th century Japanese Monk Nichirin Daishonin. In a nutshell; Nichirin Buddhism asserts that every single individual, regardless of race, gender, social standing, capability etc. has the power to overcome life’s challenges, to develop a life of great value and to inspire/influence their environment and the world around them in a positive way.

Blane inspires me because he takes good care of himself, by going to the Holistic treatment center Sphatika NYC, wearing the latest fashion (actually before it is worn by anyone else) and eats healthy etc etc.

Having dealt with some serious challenges throughout his life, he continues to stay positive and that positivity is something that reaches beyond his impeccable style of dress. I saw this for the first time back in 2011 when we met and 4 years later I can see it even more clear; ” you can always wear a diamond but it is better when you can be a diamond” – Blane Charles



Blane Charles                   Blane Charles                 Blane Charles















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