Pearl Veldwijk

For the interview that took place in New York, I shadowed Pearl,  Fashion Model, Casting Director/ Photo Producer and founder of Black Artemis Inc, for 1 day as she was casting male and female models for a well known brand. Following Pearl around was inspiring because she is that type of Casting Director who is a great addition to the Fashion Industry. Seeing her kindly interact with every single model that came to the casting showed that she, in her very own way, makes a difference in a world that oftentimes can be very tough. As a model, she can obviously place herself better than anyone else in their shoes…  I honestly think too, that it is part of the beauty in her character.

Pearl and I have a lot of similarities going on. We were both born and raised in the Netherlands out of Surinamese parents, both moved for modeling to New York, both started ou
r own business in which we encounter the same doubts or fears (you know…the usual mind chattering, I am sure anyone has or will encounter, when starting something new and challenging) when sharing a piece of ourself others had not seen yet, especially after being judged on your outer appearance for a huge part of our young lives. How do you clear your mind? How do your remind yourself to focus on what truly matters in your life? How do you honor your bliss everyday?

A day spent with Pearl taught me that, if you focus on what you want in life, you will be more prone to see the opportunities that lay before you and you will be able to manifest your life goals; “energy flows where attention goes” – Pearl Veldwijk


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