Explore. Dream. Discover.


New York is where I built the foundation for my time in the United States of America, this year 5 years ago. I still remember so clearly at age 5, I had a light pink, light yellow, light bleu-ish, white sweater that read “America” on it. And it was my favorite sweater, maybe because of the colors or maybe because the name that was printed on it.

One thing is for sure, thats when my exploration of  “Amerika” (as written in Dutch) began. Wether it was watching an American cartoon (inspector Gadget, the Poppels, the Care bears etc.) or go to the small library in our town to look at images of the USA (especially California gave me a good feeling)  to dream about going there. The moment that I discovered that my feelings for the USA were real was, not many years after I had worn the sweater and  told my Mother, I was going to live there one day. Saying that to my Mother, was quiet unusual because between me and my siblings I was the one always being homesick and the least expected to move out of the house, let a lone depart and move to another continent.

After studying (graduating for my BA)  and working as a full time Fashion model in Europe, that dream became a reality in 2010 when my agency in Amsterdam brought me in contact with an agency in New York.

Fast forward to today… In the work that I have done, people I have met, places I have traveled to, I have come to the realization that there is no endstation for the journey of life you and I embarked on. As we live our lives, we explore our options, dream about what the outcome will be and discover that at the end of the day that if you do what you love, the outcome or results are not that serious, that you can feel happy no matter where in the world you are and that love, happiness and good health is all you need!


Simple words can heal; Motorbike Trip





Photo shoot Departures Magazine



Simple words can heal; Butterfly



  1. Good Evening Anouschka, how beautiful you write – it should be an inspiration for many – the ones who hopefullyrealize how fortunate they are and are hopefullly thankful for it  and the ones who didn’t realize yet how much life can offer if they are open to new challenges. Looking forward to your next entry… oxoxo Annabella

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