Born and raised in the Netherlands, with a Surinamese (South America) background I found my base in the USA.

Curiosity and interest in learning something new, meeting people and exchanging words on each others visions on life, getting inspired and passing inspiration on to others, has always been giving me a feeling of fulfillment and joy.

Everyone needs the reminder now and then, to enjoy and embrace what they have and where they are now. We all have our own unique way of creating sustainable happiness, my way comes in the form of 1-minute videos and photos about my own and other people’s life experiences, art, music, fashion, books, meditation, inspirational quotes & travels.

With (unfortunately) all the negative tumult in the world, I find it important that the amount of positive messages (through social media) increases. HYBE.tv intends to encourage anyone to alter any limiting, negative belief they have about themselves or the world around them. Always remember that when you make the decision to do what you love and feel passionate about in life, you’ll walk your path with confidence and you’ll radiate a light positivity that is visible to everyone you’ll meet. ❤

DISCLAIMER : A lot of the picture quotes  you  find here were designed by myself. I will always try to find writers or artist responsible for the quotes/text, but sadly a lot of these quotes are unknown. I also oftentimes share picture quotes that I found online. I do not modify, remove your name/url or crop images, I’ll share them as they are. In case I share something of which you think you have a copyright on I hope we’ll be able to come to a solution together or if that doesn’t work I’ll unpublish it.

Don’t hesitate to contact me. It is pretty hard to track who owns the art when it is  online so please give me the benefit of the doubt. Thanks.

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