Thai Treats

Ever travelled somewhere and discovered a treat so delicious, weeks and months later you are still talking and dreaming about it and you wish you can’t hardly wait to fabricate it yourself? The chocolate martini I tasted for the first time in Thailand, definitely falls  in that category.

Chocolate Martini

Not just a cooking class…

My meeting with Pughi, was one of the meetings that helped sprouting the idea of  “Honoring Your Bliss Everyday”.

I am a fan of Thai Cuisine, ever since I was a kid. The visits to my Thai friend would be oftentimes combined with fresh homemade Thai food, which was always super delicious. I hoped that one day I would be able to prepare  it myself. Spending time in Thailand helped me to finally put those words into action and learn how to make a Thai dish or three. For the biggest part of my trip I was trying to find a place where I could take a Thai Cooking Class, which is usually not really that hard.

A morning in Pai, the last city before my trip  in Thailand would come to an end, I randomly stumbled upon a house that read ” Pughi’s Cooking Class” .  I entered the garden where I instantly was received by the kind homeowner and cooking teacher Pughi, herself. She said she was able to give me a course that would last half of a day, incl. a visit to the market. And so, fast forward to the next day, I arrived at 10 am. It was great strolling over the local market, selecting the groceries and ingredients that were needed,  learning to make three traditional Thai dishes but I left Pughi’s house mostly inspired by her passion for cooking. Here was a woman I recently met, who put a lot of love into teaching me one of her major passions (gardening is the other) and at the same time showing deep interest in my passion and background. Our planned 1/2 day turned into a 1 day cooking class because we were connecting on a level, in a vibration where time didn’t seem to exist. Sometimes you meet people in life, for a short amount of time but their impact can have a longer and lingering effect in a positive way.

Pughi's Cooking Class

Typical Thai

Pad Thai

Fried Fish


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